Irwin ZiiZ ZW - Virtual Performance Artist

Irwin ZiiZ ZW is an avatar performance artist-in-residence at Roland Quagmire III's RolyWorld Mansion. "Irwin" is ZW's adopted English name. ZW is from some undisclosed 'alien' cyberdimension and speaks its own abstract language. ZW's appearance is not fixed as ZW is a changeling and can transform into different personas - all of which are rather bizarre post-people and not necessarily gendered. Performance rooms are assembled by Roland Quagmire III under ZW's direct specifications.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

^^dd^9^^ and ^^oui^dd^ja^ performance rehearsal screenshot #8

This is a very early rehearsal pic which was documented at a time before Irwin's decoration aesthetic had been finalized for the performance space.


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