Irwin ZiiZ ZW - Virtual Performance Artist

Irwin ZiiZ ZW is an avatar performance artist-in-residence at Roland Quagmire III's RolyWorld Mansion. "Irwin" is ZW's adopted English name. ZW is from some undisclosed 'alien' cyberdimension and speaks its own abstract language. ZW's appearance is not fixed as ZW is a changeling and can transform into different personas - all of which are rather bizarre post-people and not necessarily gendered. Performance rooms are assembled by Roland Quagmire III under ZW's direct specifications.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Here is the video-documentation for the 2nd avatar performance by Irwin ZiiZ ZW.
This performance is called "^^^RaAl - Interstellar Ali". If you cannot see the above video embedded into this block, please click on this link.

According to the official story, Roland Quagmire III played Irwin ZiiZ ZW John Coltrane's last album "Interstellar Space" (1967) with Rashied Ali on drums. ZW was so inspired by Rashied Ali, a performance was made as a tribute to Ali and Free Jazz in general. ZW designed the room, abstract expressionist backdrops and assembled the drumset sculpture. It is believed that the Cybergroup, The Notabots were commissioned to remix Ali's drums. It is also known that the hi-hat cymbals assembled around the perimeter of the space architecturally follow a "single paradiddle" motif.


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