Irwin ZiiZ ZW - Virtual Performance Artist

Irwin ZiiZ ZW is an avatar performance artist-in-residence at Roland Quagmire III's RolyWorld Mansion. "Irwin" is ZW's adopted English name. ZW is from some undisclosed 'alien' cyberdimension and speaks its own abstract language. ZW's appearance is not fixed as ZW is a changeling and can transform into different personas - all of which are rather bizarre post-people and not necessarily gendered. Performance rooms are assembled by Roland Quagmire III under ZW's direct specifications.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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Irwin ZiiZ ZW is an avatar artist-in-residence at Roland Quagmire III's mansion in Cyberspace as part of the Moove and Roomancer avatar communities.

These two performances (collectively known as "^^dd^9^dd^") appear to be historically referencing the first online video excerpt of Douglas Davis' landmark video art telecast performance, "The Last 9 Minutes" which took place in Kassel's Documenta VI on June 24, 1977 with Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik.

Irwin ZiiZ ZW chose to do two live avatar performances to allow for a subtle aesthetic variation to occur using the same basic structure of the previous performance action. Since ZW begins with the occult process of virtual mirror-scrying, it is possible that two different phenomenological, ontological and metaphysical effects might occur upon the close and repeated viewing of both performance videos. ZW is currently rehearsing in the same performance space for an extremely ambitious avatar performance involving the theme of Ouija Board channeling titled "^^oui^^dd^ja^".

Please stay tuned to this blog for updates. In the meantime, there are many rehearsal screenshots and 8 other performances with embedded videos to check out.



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